Deborah Friedman

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voice demos

Here are clips from some of the productions featuring my voice — happy listening!

Germany's Coastal Cities

Love in Power - Michelle and Barack Obama



RWE Smart Energy

Audi CSR


Deutsche Bank

Lufthansa in-flight

Babor - Instructional DVD

Trade fair presentation in German

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Deborah Friedman

Hi, I'm Deborah, a professional voice talent for American English living in Germany. With a background in broadcast journalism, I have more than 20 years of microphone experience. Even more if you count the college radio shows I did before starting a career in professional radio and television. Besides filing field reports, I also hosted several long-term radio programs and TV shows (both on camera and off).
Over the years my voice has been featured on all kinds of audio and video projects - from commercials and movie trailers, film dubbing and documentaries, video games, audio guides and of course corporate image films. Oh there've been lots of those. Not to mention the many e-learning modules, on-hold messages, navigation systems, animated characters – you name it!
You can listen to some voice-over samples by going over to the demos section of this website. Or if you haven't done so already, click the audio player at the top of this page to listen to me talk to you right now. If you're into name-dropping, check out my references page that lists many of the satisfied clients who've chosen my voice for their products and productions.
Maybe by now you’ve already decided whether my voice is right for your project. If you want to give it a professional, American touch, call me or send me an email - in English or German; I’m fluent in both. I look forward to working together with you on your next voice-over project.
~ Deborah Friedman
+49 171 5375452